At (“Adb-e-Islami”“Website”“we”“our”, or “us”), we are committed to protecting the information provided to us by our users, including but not limited to visitors to our website, users and customers (“users” or “you”). It is our policy to respect the privacy of individuals and the confidentiality of information provided by our users. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) outlines how we collect, disclose, use, store and handle personal information provided by our users.


By accessing our website, using any of the services therein, purchasing any product listed on our Website and/or submitting your personal information to us through any other means, you are consenting to the processing of your personal information and to our collection, use, disclosure, storage and handling of your personal information, as set out in this Policy. You are entitled to withdraw your consent at any time; however, we may not then be able to provide you with our full range of services. This Website is not intended for use by children below 13 years of age.

Updates and Amendments.

This Policy will be updated, reviewed and amended from time to time, at the sole discretion of Adb-e-Islami. Material changes (if any) to this Policy will be indicated by notice on our home page. Please check this Policy regularly to be aware of any updates and changes. Any information collected, used, disclosed, stored or handled by us will be governed by the latest version of this Policy. Continued use of this website, or use of any of the services or purchase of any products listed on this Website, will thereafter constitute your deemed acceptance of the revised Policy.

Information we collect about you.

At Adb-e-Islami, we collect information which are essential for providing a better and more efficient ordering experience to you, as well as to deliver your purchased products on time and to your satisfaction. Information we may collect includes the login information you provide us with each time you open an account on our Website (including but not limited to name, contact details, phone number, email, username and password), any information which you might fill up on the Website by subscribing to any of the services offered on the site, your correct date of birth to establish that you are eligible to purchase from our Website, any information provided to us by means of correspondence (including but not limited to email, telephone or fax), and the details of your transactions and orders (together, “Personal Information”). In case you do not wish disclose any such Personal Information, please do not set up an account on our website, or directly provide us with any Personal Information though any method (including but not limited to the methods listed above) of communication. In case you are buying books, artworks or any other products listed on our Website (together, “products”), we need certain more information, including but not limited to your name, contact details, email address, home address, shipping address and credit card billing address (together, “Payment Information”). We, however, do not save or view your credit card or debit card information. This information is processed by an independent payment gateway, like Paypal or 2CheckOut.

Cookies and anonymous information.

Apart from the two types of information indicated above, we may also collect certain anonymous information which is automatically logged each time you visit our Website, including the type of browser you are using, the server name and IP address, the pages you access, or the source from which you linked to the Adb-e-Islami Website (together, “Anonymous Information”). Our website uses cookies to record anonymous information for analytics and other purposes, which helps us improve our website’s experience continuously. Please change your browser settings if you do not wish to accept cookies.

In this Policy, “Personal Information”, “Payment Information” and “Anonymous Information” are together called “Information”.

Why do we need your Information and who do we disclose it to?

At Adb-e-Islami, we need your Information to provide users and customers a seamless purchasing experience on our website, to efficiently manage any enquiries, process orders, requests or complaints that you may have, and to complete and deliver your orders. We may disclose your Information to our subsidiaries, affiliates or third party advertisers, and service providers (including those hosting and managing our Website, fulfilling orders, providing customer service, providing warehousing and delivery, marketing and advertising and other related services), in order to ensure that you get your order at the earliest and to your satisfaction. Information can be used to manage and fulfil purchases, orders, payments, refunds, for promotions or surveys, to conduct research and analysis, to prevent fraudulent transactions, or to monitor against theft and otherwise protect users, guests or our Website. While processing payment, we may be required to transmit your credit card information to third parties, in order to obtain an initial credit authorization or authenticate your identity. Further, Information you may provide may be necessary for any legislative, contractual or reporting obligations that we may have, or to respond to questions that we receive from any public authority, or to enforce Adb-e-Islami’s Terms and Conditions and other agreements.

Protection of Personal Information.

All Information that you provide to Adb-e-Islami is kept in secure computer storage facilities. We take reasonable steps to protect all such Information from unauthorised access, misuse, interference and loss, modification, alteration, destruction or disclosure. Information and records may be required to be maintained by us for a considerable period of time. However, when the Information is no longer needed, or upon your request, we will remove any details you have provided us with, or will securely destroy the records.

Enquiries and Complaints

You can make enquiries regarding your Information, access to, correction or deletion of such Information, request further information on this Policy, withdraw consent for use and disclosure of Information, unsubscribe from our mailing lists or newsletters, or complain of breaches of this Policy by writing to us at: [email protected].

For any of the above requirements, you can also contact us directly at: [email protected].

We aim to acknowledge receipt of all enquiries and respond to them within a reasonable time. Complaints (if any) need to be accompanied by sufficient supporting evidence, so that we can process them successfully. We may request you to provide additional information which might assist us in our investigation. We will respond to your complaints within a reasonable time.